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Bubble Workload Unit and Dashboard design

A lot of Bubble apps offer a dashboard for their users, typically displaying relevant numbers and statistics. Bubble makes it easy to calculate counts, sums and averages quickly and present them as text or in charts, making it a great

The Bubble Developer Certification

At the time of writing this, Bubble recently introduced the Official Bubble Developer Certification. This is a benchmark for Bubble developers, meant to highlight and validate your proficiency in advanced Bubble development. It’s a rigorous test consisting of 90 questions

Bubble security tips

Bubble security is a natural early concern as you approach the platform for the first time. So just how secure is Bubble? We’ll find that out – and how you can set up your app to be as secure as

Using Floating Groups in Bubble.io

Floating Groups are used to place groups along the edges of the screen that hover above other elements. This article explains its uses and settings.

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