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Remove the frame around elements in Bubble.io

When certain types of elements are clicked in a Bubble.io application, they’ll sometimes leave behind an annoying frame that can be pretty disturbing to the beautiful design you’ve set up. There’s no setting in Bubble itself to get rid of

Bubble.io: what is an API?

As you start getting into Bubble.io, you inevitably come across the term API. It’s one of the most powerful no-code features there is, and can open up endlessly exciting opportunities for your application with just a few pretty simple steps.

7 Easy Ways to Make Money with Bubble.io

Bubble offers a revolution in app development, allowing non-techies to create applications ranging from microservices and automations to complex business systems. You have a chance to be an early adopter of a platform that’s likely going to power a big

Custom States in Bubble

Custom States are one of the cornerstones of Bubble app development. This guide goes through the pro’s and con’s of using them.

Can I build a Bubble.io mobile app?

Many approach Bubble with the hope of building a mobile application. How well does Bubble deliver on building native applications for iOS and Android?

What is a Data Concept?

The Data Concept is a framework on how to think about the data in your app in order to set up an efficient database structure.

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