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Is Bubble.io secure?

Is Bubble.io a secure platform? The short answer is yes: but there’s more to the question than that. Read on to learn more.

Using the Slug field in Bubble

The slug field is used to set up nice, clean and SEO friendly URLs when sending data to a Page. This article explores the feature in-depth.

How to use the Page Thing in Bubble

Using the Page Thing in Bubble means to instruct Bubble to load a specific database record on a specific page by looking at information stored in the URL. This allows you to set up a unique, permanent and SEO-friendly URL

How to send data to a Page in Bubble

To send data to a Page in Bubble is easy, but there are a few different ways to do it. This quick guide shows you the pros and cons of each method and how to easily set it up.

Remove the frame around elements in Bubble.io

When certain types of elements are clicked in a Bubble.io application, they’ll sometimes leave behind an annoying frame that can be pretty disturbing to the beautiful design you’ve set up. There’s no setting in Bubble itself to get rid of

Bubble.io: what is an API?

As you start getting into Bubble.io, you inevitably come across the term API. It’s one of the most powerful no-code features there is, and can open up endlessly exciting opportunities for your application with just a few pretty simple steps.

7 Easy Ways to Make Money with Bubble.io

Bubble offers a revolution in app development, allowing non-techies to create applications ranging from microservices and automations to complex business systems. You have a chance to be an early adopter of a platform that’s likely going to power a big

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