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Bubble’s new expressions: SPLIT BY and ARBITRARY TEXT explained

Bubble quietly launched two new features in July 2021 that are quite useful: split by and arbitrary text. They’re both expressions that solve tiny problems that otherwise would require cumbersome workarounds, and are absolutely worth checking out. You’re not gonna

Bubble URL Parameters: Everything you need to know

As you’re learning to use Bubble, you’re gonna come across URL parameters. What are URL parameters, and how can you set up URL parameters in Bubble? In essence, URL parameters let you store and retrieve information from the URL bar

How to do complex calculations in Bubble

The Bubble expression editor – you know… this one: … is pretty good! But if you’re trying to do more complex mathematical expressions, you’ll find that the built-in editor has its limits. You can easily set up basic arithmetic like

Part 1: How to set up Recursive Workflows

What are recursive workflows? Recursive Workflows were a welcome addition to Bubble’s toolbox in September of 2018, and there are many good reasons for this being a sorely missed feature. So… what exactly is it? Let’s dig into it. A

Can I export my Bubble app?

The question of exporting your app is one of the most common I get from new Bubble users and clients who are looking into Bubble as a platform. To understand the answer, we’ll need to look a bit deeper into

Understanding Dates and Time in Bubble

For something that we wear on our wrists and constantly keep track of in our daily lives, time can sure be a headache to work with sometimes.  It should be pretty easy, right? Anything that happens in this universe we

What are Back-end Triggers?

At the time of writing this, Back-end Triggers are still a relatively new addition to Bubble, and just like Option Sets, they haven’t made that big of a fuzz. From what I’ve seen, people are aware they’re there, but somehow

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