Making your Bubble app faster with Process Spreading

Making your Bubble app faster with Process Spreading Process Spreading is the method of improving your Bubble app’s performance by taking a process that adds a delay to your app and spreading it out over several steps to make each of them less noticeable for the...

Recursive Workflows

What are recursive workflows? Recursive Workflows were a welcome addition to Bubble’s toolbox in September of 2018, and there are many good reasons for this being a sorely missed feature. So… what exactly is it? Let’s dig into it. A recursive...

Can I export my Bubble app?

The question of exporting your app is one of the most common I get from new Bubble users and clients who are looking into Bubble as a platform. To understand the answer, we’ll need to look a bit deeper into why exporting is not simply a non-supported feature,...
Useful articles and tips

Useful articles and tips

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